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The Us 66 Band to Perform At The International Route 66 Festival Aug. 8th 2020

Canceled Due To Covid-19

GREAT NEWS: JESS MCENTIRE AND THE U.S. 66 BAND WILL APPEAR AT THE INTERNATIONAL ROUTE 66 FESTIVAL! Jess McEntire and The U.S. 66 Band will perform exclusively at the Route 66 International Festival in Zlín !!! An outstanding American musician, singer, songwriter, a very good friend of a legendary American country star Loretta Lynn, accepted our invitation and will perform at the International Route 66 Festival 2020 (Zlin, CZ, EU) in Zlín on Saturday, August 8! We are excited that we can introduce such a true American musician to the broad audience. International Route 66 Festival 2020 - Zlin, CZ, EU

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